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Cox International Music Division Services

We specialize in song production, deal-shopping which includes Artist Development and Management, as well as, song publishing for established songwriters and music placement in TV/Film.  For serious aspiring solo artists and bands with strong artistry and vocal talent, we have songs available for recording in our Music Cataolg.  

As a commercial business endeavor, we are focused on producing world-class music and tailoring “signature hit songs” for our solo artists and bands - as we help them prepare for, attain and sustain - rewarding careers in the music industry.

Napster, the Internet, “American Idol” and other factors have forever changed the music industry and many of its longstanding business models and paradigms. However, millions of dollars are still being made, and will continue to be made in the recording industry – via artists’ CD sales, DVDs, TV and radio commercials – and song placement in TV programs, movies, video games, ringtones - and other emerging markets and products.

If you’re an aspiring solo recording artist or a band, at Cox International, we’re here to help you. We’re here to help you understand that while music is a universal language, it also is a tough, but potentially rewarding business. We’re here to help you separate industry hype and myth from fact – to help you successfully navigate the music biz’s murky waters – and to help you achieve your career aspirations - in one of life’s great art forms and commercial enterprises.