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Cox International Artist Development & Management

Is it your dream to make a living in the music industry as a Recording Artist? Here at Cox International and Itzahit Music, CEO and Founder veteran songwriter, producer, publisher and Artist manager Larry Cox is available to develop and manage the music careers of a select few solo Artists and Bands, who possess the youth, talent, looks, common sense, temperament, work ethic - and will to learn, necessary to succeed in the competitive music business. We’re currently looking for acts (ages 15 to 26) in Alt-Rock, Pop, R&B-Pop and Country-Pop. (Under-aged talent’s parents must apply).

In Alt-Rock –Pop, we’re looking for Artists and Bands ala Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Daughtry, Muse, Kings of Leon and The Killers. In R&B-pop, we’re looking for Artists like Ne-yo, Chris Brown, Rhianna, Christina Aguilera and Pussycat Dolls. And, we’re looking for Country-Crossover Pop Artists such as Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flats or a young version of The Eagles.

We’re here to help you navigate the mysterious and fast-moving waters of the Music Biz. If you’re a solo Artist or a Band, we’ll give you an honest assessment of your Singing, Performance and Instrumental prowess. We’ll help you build on your strengths - and overcome your weaknesses. We’ll do this by developing your own customized Artist’s Career Plan, complete with strategies, goals and timelines. We’ll counsel you (and your parents) and help you separate industry facts from hype and hyperbole. To jumpstart your career and see if you qualify to join our Artist Development Roster, please fill out our Artist Management submission form and return it to us with your three best song recordings in mp3s or via your myspace page, your bio and photo.

What is Artist Development & Management?

In recent years, longtime music industry business models and paradigms have dramatically changed or disappeared. Due to the advent of the Internet, Napster, free downloading and CD pirating, industry CD sales and revenue have severely declined. Many labels have gone out of business. The remaining ones have severely cut their A&R staffs and the number of Artists they sign. While dozens of record labels once scoured the Sunset Strip in search of the next Guns ‘n Roses or Poison, those days are gone. And, while labels once gave Artists years to develop and reach platinum status (million sales in units), today, new Artists must immediately “go platinum” just to keep their deals. Contrary to logic, labels’ Artist Development is virtually nonexistent: labels expect new Artists to be young, attractive and yet fully formed: able to write like Lennon & McCartney, sing like Adam Lambert - and shred their guitars like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page or John Mayer. No wonder so few Artists are signed and become successful.

At Cox International, we take a much more realistic approach. If YOU have the “Right Stuff,” we’ll draw upon our 25 years’ experience, past successes and strong industry relationships, to give you an inside track to success. We’ll write and produce the Hit Singles needed to give you a real shot at attracting record labels’ attention – and at securing a recording contract, artist development deal or publishing deal. If you have the goods, we’ll not only craft and produce your Hit Songs and cd, we’ll take your product to leading record labels and executives.

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