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Song Critiques

So you want to write a hit song?  Where do you start?  What happens "in the middle," during the writing process itself?  How do you finish it?  How do you know if your "song in progress" has hit potential or is just an exercise in mediocrity and self-indulgence? And, where does the sometimes thin line between songwriting and producing begin and end? 

Have you been shopping your songs to major or indie labels with little to no feedback as to why your
songs are not getting you the kind of positive label attention that you want?  Labels won’t take the time to tell you what they truly think of your music.  And most industry professionals won't take the time to explain to overly sensitive unknown artists why their songs aren't "there yet", because they don't want to deal with bruised egos.  The truth is a lot of unknown artists, "can't handle the truth". 

Contrary to popular thought, many hit songs are not written by sudden inspiration.  A great many songs START with inspiration.  But that's only the beginning.  While some hit songs have been written in a single setting, more often than not, that song has been written, rewritten, edited and written again, several times by its author or authors.

Refusal to rewrite one's songs is a sign of amateurism and immaturity.  Most great songwriters rewrite extensively.  I am going to share some other insights to give songwriters at any level of experience and success, some finite barometers to evaluate whether your song-in-progress is worth completing - as well as some time-tested techniques to substantially improve the songwriting craft.

To have your songs critiqued, email a link to your song(s) to:, choose Pay Pal option below and  we will critique your songs based on the following criteria:

- Song structure
- Originality of Song Title, Concept & Lyrics
- Chorus Hook
- Verse/Melody
-Commercial Appeal
- Singer/Band Artistry

Song Critiques