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About Cox International

Cox International, is a Nashville-headquartered music production, publishing and Artist management company, founded by CEO and music industry veteran songwriter, producer, publisher and artist manager Larry Cox.  Larry Cox is also a published expert author on Ezine articles.  For
his recent published articles on the entertainment and music industry visit him at Ezine Articles.

“Our primary goal is to discover, produce and shop promising young talent to the major labels for recording deals – and to help them build lasting careers,” Cox says. “We are not a demo factory, nor are we looking for pretenders, poseurs or prima donnas. Rather, we’re here to produce and guide the careers of a select few aspiring Artists who have the prerequisite elements to become Platinum Recording Stars: talent, youth, looks, intelligence, discernment, determination, a great work ethic – and the willingness to listen and learn.

“Our commitment to our Artists is that if you work hard for us (and yourself), we’ll work hard for you. “And, while there are no guarantees in life or in the music business, we’ll give you every advantage of our extensive industry knowledge, professional networks and past successes.”

Vision & Values:

• We celebrate and value musical Artistry, Originality and Talent in its many forms.
• We vow to treat each of our Artists with honesty, respect and focused sense of purpose.
• We will uphold and apply the highest of ethical standards in all of our business affairs.
• We will do every reasonable thing in our power to develop and promote our Artists’ careers.
• We will fight to protect the copyrights and intellectual properties of CI and its clientele.
• And, in achieving success with our Artists, we will celebrate our mutual accomplishments, as we enjoy the collective fruits of our labor.

Larry Cox, CEO & President
Larry Cox, Basic Author