Artist & Demo Singer FAQs

Q1: Are you looking for bands or solo artists? What genres are you looking for?

A1: Both. We’re looking for bands or solo artists in Alt-Rock-Pop ala the Kings of Leon,
The Killers,
Adam Lambert, Coldplay, Muse, U2, Daughtry, David Cook, Kelly Clarkson,
Pink or Katy Perry. We’re  accepting submissions for Contemporary R&B-Pop in the styles of Alicia Keys, Shakira, the Pussycat Dolls, Christina Aguilera or  Rihanna. And in Country-Pop, we’re looking for artists like Carrie Underwood,  Keith Urban or a young band with The Eagles influences.

Q2: Are you looking for singers, songwriters or both?

A2: Since we have a rich catalog of songs that a number of A&R Executives at major record
labels already have shown a strong interest in, we’re looking primarily for artists who sing
and perform, but don’t write their own material. However, we will accept material from
bands or solo artists who write their own songs.

Q3: I don’t have any “original” material. Can I still submit?

A3: Yes. Just send us a demo of a maximum of your three best vocal performances either
in the form of your personal or social networking website (I.e. myspace) or mp3s.

Q4: If I am a singer/songwriter, how do you determine the quality of my songs?

A4: Larry Cox has more than 25 years’ experience in the industry as a songwriter and
producer, with songs recorded  in almost every genre of popular music. Larry, his
professional team of scouts and other industry peers review all of the vocal and songwriting
submissions and determine whether or not the material is up to the current industry standards. (See Cox
discographyand bio.)

Q5: My band and I have songs we’ve already written for our album.  If we’re just
looking for a producer, can you produce our album for us?

A5: Yes, we are willing to listen to – and for a production fee and industry-standard producer’s points- produce and shop outside songs written by bands or solo artists. But the songs have to be great!  For a sample of produced demos that have been reviewed by A&R executives and have record label interest go to our Music Catalog.  If you or your manager is interested in us producing your album for you to shop to record labels, go to the contact section and fill out a Production Services InquirySubmssion Form. Since our credibility with record executives is based on our history of bringing them strong commercial songs, which were recorded and attained success, we reserve the right to tell each band and artist we produce, which songs we believe have hit song potential.  If we hear something we like, we will contact you with our rates.  We have different payment plans available.   If we don’t believe in your material, we simply don’t waste our time or yours.

Q6: I don’t have any professional vocal training. What should I do?

A6: We heartily suggest that you study with a top industry vocal coach, before you record
an album to shop to record labels. Most beginning singers need several years of study,
before they begin to scratch the surface of their best vocal potential. Two of the best vocal
coaches in the industry are Ron Anderson and one of his protégés’ Nancy Badger. Depending
on your level of skill, whether you’ve studied with another teacher and your budget, we
can refer you to one or the other. Ron accepts singers only recommended by an industry
professional – or after he’s personally listened to the singer.

Q7: What if I am interested in both demo singing and artist management?

A7: First, complete the Cox International Artist Management Submission form.  You do not need to fill out a Demo Singer Submission form as well.  Just note in the comments section of your form that you are interested in demo singing.  Email your completed form, along with (1-3) of your best vocal performances via your personal or social networking site(s) or  (mp3), and with a photo. If we are interested in working with you for song demos, as well as managing you, you will not be paid an up-front fee for singing on those demos. If the songs you sing are for shopping your own recording project, we will offer you a management contract.  In either, case you will be required to sign a “work for hire” release, so that we can shop you for a record deal - or the songs.  

Q8: If I am interested in demo singing only, what is your selection process?

A8:  Follow the same procedure as if you wanted to be considered for management as a
recording artist.  Fill out the appropriate submission form and either copy and paste your completed form in the body of your email or send as a word document or pdf.  You don't need to include a photo for demo submissions.  You may either attach (1-3) mp3s of your best vocal performances or send us a link to your vocal samples.  (I.e. myspace or personal website).  For singing our song(s), we will compensate you by either paying you a flat rate (between $100-$150) or 15% of any sync license or performance income (depending on the project) that your singing version of our song may generate from placement in a TV show, movie or commercial.

Q9: If I am seeking representation with your company, what are the procedures?

A9: First, fill out a submission form and email us a recording of your three best performances,
along with your photo.  If we believe you have potential to record for us, or to shop you or
your band to a major record label, we will be in touch.  Second, we’ll need to meet you
and hear you perform in person (which means, you’ll have to make the commitment and
have the resources to come to Los Angeles or Nashville, to meet with our scouts). Third,
if we agree that we’re a “good match,” we’ll require you to sign a exclusive management agreement with Cox International, giving us exclusive rights to shop you for a 12- to 24-month period. Our standard management rate is 20% of any Recording Contract or Publishing Deal we attain for you for the life of that contract. In some cases, we will accept and shop veteran (already recorded and published) songwriters’ works for a monthly stipend and a percentage of their publishing.

Q10: What if my band or I would like to record a song from your Music Catalog?

A10: Go to the Submission Forms page and fill out a Production Services Inquiry Form.  Email us your completed form along with 1-3 vocal samples of you (or you and your band).  If we feel you or your band are appropriate for our already produced demos, we will contact you or your management with our production rates.  Since the songs in our Music Catalog have already been heard by, and endorsed by, major record industry executives, putting a great young vocalist on those songs, often is the quickest and best way for us to get you industry interest.

Q11: How long does it take to receive a response?

A11: Due to the heavy volume, please allow us a minimum of two weeks to listen to your
submission.  If we hear something we like, either a great voice, or a great commercial song,
someone from our staff will either give you a call or email you. If you work on your vocals, you may resubmit in 6 months. Please no phone calls inquiring about your entry.

Q12: If I live out of state, can I still work with you?

Maybe.  Fill out the appropriate submission form and return it to us. If we are interested in working with you, we’ll let you  know. Our headquarters are in Los Angeles, and we have a branch office in Nashville. Click here to make sure you meet our requirements and to follow proper submission procedures.  If we want to work with you, you will have to make your own accommodations and arrangements to spend the time required to record in Los Angeles.

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