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Special Discounted Rate Includes:

Usual Rate: $5,000 Per Song
Special NOW: Only $2,500 Per Song

• Writing, production & engineering costs.   Yes, we will write signature songs for you (or your band) upon request at no additonal cost.

• Studio costs of up to three 10-hour days per song.*

• Rates do not include background singers or live studio players. If needed, calculate their rates at $150 each per player, per song. (I.e. guitar, keyboards, drums, bass guitar, etc. Full live band not necessary for Pop or Country tracks, unless requested). *

• Mix-Down to master CD copy.
We will custom write, world-class songs, produce & personally shop your CD & artist package (CD, lyric sheets, bio & photo) to our extensive A&R record label contacts. We will bring your project to our industry contacts. We do not guarantee anyone a recording contract, we simply open the doors of opportunity. The rest is up to you.

Exclusivity: CI grants each Artist performing its songs up to 12 months exclusive time to release recordings via a major record label or approved Indie label.

Income Sharing: If CI places Artist’s recordings of its songs in any commercial, TV show and/or film, CI will pay the Artist 15% of all sync license income unto perpetuity.
Payment Terms & Conditions:

We accept major credit cards via
PayPal Option.

If paying by personal or company check, you may make payments in 3 installments. 

1/2 of Production Project’s total is due up-front.

1/4 of Production Project’s total is due once basic song tracks and lead vocals have been recorded. 

Final 1/4 is due on the day the songs(s) are mixed to a master CD. All payments must clear your bank or credit card before master recordings are released.

*For sessions requiring more than three 10-hour days per song to complete, you will be charged a pro-rate of $75 per additional hour, payable at the end of that extended session.

Company Policy:  NO deposit refundable with less than 7-day cancellation notice.

More Than a Studio Experience
Dates in red already booked. In comments enter the dates you would like to book.   Enter your original songs ( or your bands'), in comments section below that you are hiring us to produce, if applicable.  Or enter in songs from our Music Catalog that you are hiring us to produce.  If you would like to schedule studio time for months not yet posted, call for studio availability.
Deposit required to book a studio session.

Read below for payment options, terms and conditions.
*Additional Costs
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